About Us

Incorporated in the year 2019, Tej Gem Testing Lab offers a Jewellery Industry testing solution for Diamonds testing, Diamonds Jewellery , Colour Stone Testing, Colour Stone Jewellery Testing and all Kinds Testing Service available for Jewellery Industry.

The Company’s main strengths lie principally in delivering Reliable Products in time and unconditional service support to the customers. The Company is managed by Directors Mr. R. ADITHYA G.G(GIA)

Tej Gem Testing Lab is coimbatore based Indian Gem Testing Lab Company. Our mission is to give the best testing report services to our customers in Gems & Jewellery Industry For Diamond Certification, Gemstones Certification, Jewellery Certification. We also provide expert facilities for identification and certification of coloured gemstones and its origin, treatments for Gemstones, identification of Synthetic and treated Diamonds and grading of diamonds and diamond studded jewellery to a wide clientele in the domestic and international markets, which includes dealers, jewellers, auction houses and custom departments, and connoisseurs looking for good quality gemstones, diamonds.

Tej gem testing lab aims to protect all buyers and sellers of gemstones by setting standards used To evaluate Gemstone Quality. Our Certificate clearly discloses the details of any item it accompanies , providing confidence for both buyer and seller. The Tej Report is based on a precious stone analysis , which is designed to identify the species and variety of a colored Gemstone and clearly states whether the stone is natural or synthetic , provides other data describing its shape , cut , weight , measurements , color , transparency and major optical characteristics , and also includes a detailed photograph of the stone

Our Vision

To attain customer satisfaction by delivering nothing but the reliable products, by means of utilizing the highest quality of resources

Our Mission

Tej Gem Testing Lab is committed to the consistent upliftment and improvement of both its products and its responsibilities towards it’s Customers. Striving hard to achieve highest levels of Customer Satisfaction through timely deliveries along with best quality and value of all Our Services.